Achieve high returns with research-based investing.

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Implementing the best academic research

We read all academic and practitioners’ financial journals so that you don’t have to. Best (most robust) strategies end up in our system.


Easy to use

We do the hard part (research, programming and implementation) so you get an user friendly experience when searching for you next investment.

Skin in the game

We developed for our own use and now it is available to you too. We invest all our money with the principles and systems used here.

High quality academic research simplified.

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Global stocks covered

Investment strategies

Different portfolios with low correlation

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Core Features


Search for great strategies

We have been reading research papers from top universities and practitioners for more then a decade. We test their results and pick the best strategies to implement in our investment process.

Sharing is caring

Everything useful we find (best methods to avoid losses, best factors that drive market returns, etc.) we share here.


Hard work

After finding and testing the best methods and strategies we work hard to make them useful for non-nerds. We implement them in so that you get investment ideas or double check your ideas.

Backtested strategies with updated holdings

See which strategies perform the best and choose stocks from regularly updated strategy portfolios.


Factor Investing

Strategies for managing billions.


Value Investing

Go beyond value with high quality value.


Growth Investing

Finding companies that grow unexpectedly.

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